Paradox-Hunger related deaths amidst resources abundance

Reports and pictures of people dying of hunger related complications in parts of Turkana and Baringo counties in Kenya are tear-jerking. This is happening amidst politics of unconstructed dams with claims of corruption and embezzlement of money. Yuval Harari in his book Homo Deus, opines, “Hunger will not kill humanity in 21st century, rather politicians will allow people to die.”

Devolution was the best thing that happened to Kenya. Power and resources were taken closer to people. The 2010 constitution, gave every region an opportunity to develop, therefore local politicians had a chance to prioritize critical projects. For the arid and semi-arid counties, harvesting of water should have been critical project, but that was never to be. Local leaders took to looting and stealing , forgetting and condemning their people into poverty and misery.

Israel is a desert, but they produce enough to export. And yet, with endowment of ground water aquifers in north eastern counties of Kenya, in 2019, people are still suffering without water and dying of hunger.

With technology, the world can avert crisis of food insecurity and drought. But even technology depends on politics of a country. Political leaders must support policies that encourage creation of opportunities especially in the agriculture sector. For instance, frontier counties in Kenya must focus on ensuring provision of water using sustainable climate smart technologies.

With water, young people can venture into greenhouse farming, like it is happening in Somaliland with Horn Gardens company in Hargesia.

We must reform our politics; insist on accountability and harsh punishment to the corrupt. Imagine of the grand Galana Kulalu, which has stalled because of embezzlement of resources meant to develop the project. The Green Arava that was developing the project is a competent entity that has managed to produce enough from deserts fields of Arava in Israel.

To reform our politics, we need new ways of ensuring accountability. We must ensure our institutions are working. Therefore, there is need to denounce politicians who are attacking independent offices with a view of diverting their attention from investigations into critical corruption cases. Use of digital platforms must be part of the strategy we need to curb misuse of resources. Similarly, citizen vigilance on projects undertaken by both national and county government must be adopted to ensure proper utilization of public resources.

With Digital platforms, Kenyans, especially young people must be active in public participation. As leaders make grand projects which might be irrelevant but cash cow in our counties , let us get a message that we are vigilant. For this to happen, concerted effort should be directed towards planning and organizing. Collaboration and partnership will give us a unique voice. This voice could be heard from afar, and could penetrate to the hearts of our leaders.

Consequently, It is better for opportunities to come and find you prepared, goes the wise saying. As young people, we must understand, taking charge of decision making requires development of peculiar capacities and skills. Let us strive to acquire new knowledge and information that will help us to be valuable and productive. From our internet enabled gadgets, let us seek relevant information concerning new technologies that could help make work effective and efficient.

In deed, It is time for a new form of education. Self-learning must be the mantra. If Nelson Mandela educated himself from prison in Robben Island, what else can’t we do with our free spirit?

Given that we can organize peer learning forums to brainstorm on opportunities that can be exploited to create employment. I am persuaded Kenya can feed her

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