Learning about Global Issues

Over the last 25 years many educators have stressed the need for students to learn about global issues and have often taken this to be a relatively unproblematic area of pedagogy. An important Canadian study on the impact of teaching about such issues, however, suggests that the learning process may be much more complex than […]

Paradox-Hunger related deaths amidst resources abundance

Reports and pictures of people dying of hunger related complications in parts of Turkana and Baringo counties in Kenya are tear-jerking. This is happening amidst politics of unconstructed dams with claims of corruption and embezzlement of money. Yuval Harari in his book Homo Deus, opines, “Hunger will not kill humanity in 21st century, rather politicians […]

Yearning for solutions to global issues

The world is yearning for solutions to global issues like global poverty, global security, global inequality and many more . However, this responsibility has for long been left to governments, policy makers whose thoughts and analysis is shaped by their previous experience and interactions. With the advent of the journey towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), […]

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